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 Nielsjuels gate, Frogner in Oslo
Nielsjuels gate, Frogner in Oslo

FROGNER IN OSLO: Frogner is a borough of the city of Oslo. In addition to traditional Frogner, the borough incorporates Bygdøy, Uranienborg and Majorstuen. The area became part of the city of Oslo (then Christiania) in 1878. The borough is named after Frogner Manor, an amazing 18th century country estate which now houses the

Oslo City Museum. The Frogner Park (in Norwegian: Frognerparken) includes the famous Vigeland Sculpture Park (see below and Vigeland Schulpture Park in Oslo in Most interesting attractions, East Norway, on this site).


THE FROGNER PARK IN OSLO: The Frogner Park is a public park in the west-end borough of Frogner in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. It is part of the Frogner Manor, and belonged to rich families like Anker and Wegner in the 19th century, before being acquired by the city of Oslo.
It is best known for housing the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which was created by Gustav Vigeland in the 20th century. The 212 sculptures are, essentially, the adult work of Vigeland. Frognerparken is one of the most used parks in Oslo, mainly because of its large grassy areas, relaxed atmosphere and short distance to the city centre. It is also a favourite destination for tourists visiting the city.


Bridge in Frognerpark, Oslo


Bridge in Frognerpark, Oslo


MORE INFO ABOUT FROGNER IN OSLO: The major part of Frogner consists of houses

built around 1900. Frogner was then a part of the city for the affluent, a status it has retained.
On January 1st, 2004, the previous borough of Uranienborg-Majorstuen and Bygdøy-Frogner were merged with Frogner, creating the current, larger borough.

Frogner area is dominated by villa buildings and parks. It is one of the most expensive districts in Oslo due to the central location, proximity to parks, marinas and pretty architecture. It is also an embassy area.




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